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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inattentive Parenting

I started to write a long-winded story about how I took Katie to the park and observed really obnoxious behavior last week, but I lost my steam.  Instead, here is a bulleted list of what happened that day. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following observations.
  • A one year old fell four feet from the playset, landing on his back on the ground.  The mother (Mom A) did nothing.  She didn't even get up to see if he was okay.
  • Same mother puts her two year old in the baby swing and leaves his three year old sister to push him while he yells, "Come back Mommy, please come back!"
  • Another mom (we'll call her Mom B)with three children wears her newborn baby in a front carrier.  She covers his head with a cloth diaper while she smokes one cigarette after another.
  • Mom B sends her toddler down a very high slide with no one to catch her at the bottom.  Child falls to ground.
  • Moms A, B, and C (who is picnicking with Mom A) all stare at me as if I'm strange for actually playing with my daughter on the playground.  Refuse to speak.
So, what do you think?  Is this just a handful of incidents at one park?  Have you witnessed similar irresponsible behavior?  Without naming names, let it out here.  How horrid do you think inattentive parents are?


  1. It makes me want to cry when I see behaviour like that.

  2. Observations like that make me wonder why we have to get licenses to drive, marry, or operate a business, but any old yahoo with the right equipment can jump in the sack and create a life.

  3. Stupid people are everywhere. That poor baby w/ the smoking mom. Yuck. I saw a grandma recently at the library (guessing) w/ the window cracked 1/2 an inch, cigarette just a smokin' and a toddler in the back. :(


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