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Friday, March 4, 2011

guns at school

Yesterday afternoon, I received a letter from Alex's school stating that they had gone on lockdown at some point during the day.  Apparently, they received word from the local police department that a gun was spotted outside the middle school that is right next door.  Really, just a stone's throw away.  The elementary school, middle school, community college, and a swimming center are all situated on one great big parcel of land. 

Around 4:30 yesterday the local news site reported that the sighting was being investigated as a hoax.  Now, here's my question:

How do they know it was a hoax?

Is it because they have found no evidence to support the contrary?  Is it because they couldn't locate the person with the gun?  Was it a student or an adult?  How close were they to the schools?  Were they on the property or along the road adjacent to the neighborhood?  Or, was it an adult with a concealed carry permit who was headed to a swim class that morning?  There are so many questions here, and so few answers.  I want answers, dammit.

I also would have preferred to have been notified via a phone call earlier in the day, rather than an easily-misplaceable letter after my son returned home from school.  I know other parents feel the same way.  Please, bother me!  Give me information like this that really is necessary!  Send me as many phone calls as you need to so I can ensure that my child is safe!
I am thankful that Alex's last day of public school is a week from today.  Yet, I'm worried that whatever might have almost gone down yesterday, if anything, might just be delayed a day or two.  I would love to withdraw him today, on grounds that the school is inept at notifying the parents when there really could be a problem.  Would I have been there to pick my child up in a heartbeat?  You betcha.  (not a Palin fan, but leaving that anyway because I said it first.)  Did the school system likely want to prevent that?  Oh yeah.  (totally a Kool-aid man fan, though).  

This reminds me of something similar that happened in high school, during the Columbine era.  But, that's a story for another day.


  1. That is sooo scary. When I was in high school someone brought a bomb to school. No one was hurt since the police found the bomb before it went off, but it was still VERY scary. Crazy stuff!

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  3. How unnerving :( Stopping by from the explore & learn hop - congrats on being the guest host!

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  4. Wow! How scary!! I am glad that no one was hurt!!
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  6. Over from the hop and that is scary. I taught in a rough neighborhood and we went on lock down a few times due to guns around the neighborhood. I found out that the school had better safe than sorry thought process and put us on lockdown anytime they thought the kids might be in danger.

  7. Yikes! That was so scary. Good to know that nothing bad happened. But you're right? How do they know it was just hoax. Hopefully, nothing of this sort ever happens again.

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  8. Hi there,

    I'm sorry to be "meeting" you after such a dire situation with your child. I homeschool my kids instead of sending them to public school. I feel your fear.

    I'm following you now and will be grabbing the button and posting at my blog.

    God bless you with peace,

    Rebecca G.

  9. Oh scary. Not much longer, mama. Not much longer!

  10. My son was in high school when Columbine went down. It was followed by weeks of days where the school was evacuated due to phoned in bomb threats. They would evacuate them to the parking lot right next to the building. Stupid. After the second time, I instructed my son to just get in his car and go home rather than stand within blast range. School administrators can be so asinine.

  11. This is starting to happen more often. My sons school went into lockdown too!
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  12. We had a school here too on lockdown! Sad. Following from the hop:


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