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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tales of a fourth-grade something

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Dear Son,

You are starting fourth grade today.  Look at how you've grown!  You're no longer the little guy, the sweet kindergartner off to start his first day of school.  You carry a biohazard messenger bag, as opposed to that long-forgotten Thomas the Train backpack.  Your printing is not crooked and haphazard and you are starting to write in cursive.  You have friends to go off and play with.  You have stories to tell.  You are becoming a top-dog.

Yet, in some ways, you are still my little boy.  You like hugs and kisses, but don't tell the other guys.  You seek attention and appreciation.  You still want me to pack your lunch and you like to be tucked into bed at night.  But, you'll soon grow out of these things.

I hope you have a wonderful first day of school.  Make new friends and greet others with a smile.  Tell your jokes and tales of summer camp, vacation, and diving into the lake.  Be a big shot, but don't get a big head.  Do your very best.  Know that your father and I love you.  We're proud of you, son. 

once upon a time...
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  1. Aww how sweet. My youngest is starting 4th grade today as well. My oldest is headed to middle school. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sweet blog. Everyone says they grow up so fast. Ours is just two, and I'm in no hurry for her to grow up. Fourth grade sounds so far away, but I know will be here before I know it. Have a great week!

  3. Time really does fly. I can't imagine sending baby Katie off to fourth grade one day, or even kindergarten, but it will be here before we know it.

  4. I am your newest follower from the blog frog

    Please choose one or all of my blogs to follow back:)

    Great blog!


  5. Happy first day of 4th grade! I remember that being an important year for me... becoming a pre-teen and all.

  6. What a cute blog! I'm a new follower from the Tuesday hop. Nice to meet you! Feel free to come on over and follow me too.

  7. I'm stopping over fromt he "Want more followers..." forum on Blog Frog. I'm your newest follower, can't wait to get to know you and read more of your blog, looks beautiful!
    Mrs. O

  8. What a wonderful tribute to your son on his first day of 4th grade! I wonder, did he read it? And, if so, what was his reaction?

    My daughter started 4th grade a few weeks ago, and like you, I've seen some amazing leaps in maturity and independence. This is a neat age! I think we're all going to like the 4th grade!


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