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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nutty Nonsense

Why do men get so many holes in the crotch of their pants?  This is a recurrent problem with my husband.  He manages to wear holes in all of his pants.  I’ve tried sewing the holes up, using fabric patches, and—finally—just ignoring the problem.  Out of desperation, I googled the problem and found that it is quite common, with multitudes of solutions.  One poor man even went so far as to wear his jeans for nine months without washing them, just to avoid holes!  Eew!  I’m sorry, but Mr. Hull absolutely cannot go nine months without having his pants washed.  I refuse.  Further research indicates that the problem is a combination of the size of his… ahem… “package,” and the weight of his pants.  The second matter can be corrected by more vigilant shopping, while the first issue cannot be corrected, nor would I want it to be…

Post originally appeared in April 2007 on Mrs. Hull's Musings.

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  1. haha interesting...
    i always wondered about the same thing.


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