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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Poppin' Good Time

When I was a child, I asked my father how people started calling things the words that we use.  Why is a dog called a dog?  Why is a door called a door?  The history of language has the potential to be a very interesting topic for me, but for today I am enthralled with my daughter's love of all things that pop.

How would someone have come up with such a silly little word?  Something that is so short, and so fun to say, must have been used by a funny little fellow, don't you think?  According to merriam-webster, "pop" is an imitative word.  People would have been recreating the sound that they wished to describe.

For my little girl, it is a word of excitement, fun, and play.  Pop!  go the bubbles.  Pop! goes the popcorn.  Pop! goes the weasel.  For each of these things, we are rewarded with a squeal or a grin.  Mistress Hull is gaga for all things that pop.  Popcorn, ice pops, bubbles, jack in the box, pop goes the weasel, pop! pop! pop!  She even covets my off-limits soda pop.

 Enjoying Popcorn During Spring Break Movie-Time

Oh, to be a child and take delight in the littlest things.  Isn't it wonderful that, as parents, we can recreate that wonder through our children?  Take a moment today and experience something through the eyes of your little one.  Won't it be delightful?

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  1. My husband and I were talking about the world through 'their' eyes earlier. Our daughter is starting to experience new flavours and tastes and textures and it's wonderful to behold. Specially when her whole face pulls in every direction when she's not sure about a new flavour. It's great. It makes us laugh


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