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Saturday, November 20, 2010

a battle of wills

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

I'm writing this post at 1 PM on Friday, after two hours of trying to get my daughter to nap, after a morning of crying and temper tantrums because she woke up a little too early this morning and was ready for a nap by 9 AM.   She is currently in her crib, screaming at me.  "Mommy... Mommmmmmy," she cries.  Poor little dear.

This is where I'd normally insert a picture, but I'm not going in there to take one right now.  So, just use your imaginations.  Pink face, open mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks.  The pacifier had probably been thrown on the floor.  I'm sure she's standing.  So much for tucking her in.

Why is she having such a problem with her crib today?  That's my fault, primarily.  Kate hasn't napped in her crib in who-knows-how-long.  I never got into the habit of putting her down for naps when she was an infant.  Now she's two.

At naptime, she crawls into my bed and lays down with me.  Pats my boobies, though she hasn't nursed in more than a year.  Wiggles around a bit.  Demands Elmo.  An hour later, she's out.  I am, too. 

This is a problem on several fronts.  First, sometimes I forget to set my alarm to wake me up to pick my son up from school.  I've never overslept, but I'm always afraid I will.  Second, it keeps me from doing much-needed things at the house.  Like today, I have to blog install a car seat in the secondary car.  And, I have to do it before we leave to get Alex from school.  Third, well... I don't know.  It's just time for her to sleep in her crib for the few months of napping we may have left.

So, she cries.  It's killing me.  I want to go get her, but I won't.  I won't give in to the pressure.  If I do, her tantrums will multiply exponentially.  She's a smart one.  She'll learn what crying does to Mommy's heart.  Hell, she probably already knows. 

This is a good lesson for her... fall asleep on your own when it isn't dark out.  Give in to the sleepies.  Rest, relax, and allow your body to be refreshed.  Sleep dear child.

And, all is quiet.


  1. well good luck and remember to stay strong - if you don't overcome this now, it will just continue. Sounds like you are doing well!

  2. ugh.. good luck, momma. i hate hearing those cries, too, but it's definitely for her own good. be strong, momma - be strong :)


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