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Monday, January 17, 2011

farrah's revenge

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

Friday night, I was watching Fashion Police on E. I have a love/hate relationship with Joan Rivers. She's so darned old, yet is still denying her age, but I love her snark! (Don't get me wrong, old people can be cool... like Betty White... but Joan Rivers is just sad). At any rate, I noticed that lots of celebs are wearing bangs well. So, between the comments of the Osbourne chick and the influence of my ice pick, I decided to go for it. Right before the Snuggie Crawl.  All I can say is that it was bad.  Really Bad.  

Here's how the "hairdresser" styled it.  Note the Farrah Fringe around the face.  I looked like a picture of my mom from the 80's.  It was that bad.  And, I couldn't even really fix it.  She used so much product on my hair that it looked like a helmet, and felt like a fleece sweater.  Awful, awful!

I did learn a few things from this experience:
  1. Never go to Vinton, VA for a haircut.  
  2. Never go to Cost Cutters in Vinton, VA for a haircut.
  3. Never get your hair cut before an event.
  4. Never base your styling decisions on a tipsy viewing of Fashion Police.
  5. Never trust a stylist who says, "Whatever you want, dear."
I mean, come on!  This lady didn't have the foresight to tell me that the bangs were a bad decision for my curly hair.  Or, maybe she didn't have the balls.  If I had told her to dye my hair blue and give me a rat tail, she probably would have done it.  Without question.  Furthermore, she took my request for bangs in the front and some long layers in the back as a ticket to revisit the 70's.  Maybe that's when she last looked at a modern style book.  Maybe that's the decade she prefers.  Maybe, just maybe, she didn't know what she was doing.

The cut isn't so bad when it is straightened and smoothed, but if you see me sporting a headband for the next year or so, just blame it on the bangs.  Or, the booze that preceded the bangs.  Or, whatever.  Just don't make fun of me.  I beg you.


  1. Oh, I have been there done that so many times! It will grow. I am a huge fan of those bandanas folded like a triangle. Hides a lot of bad haircuts.

  2. The last time I went to a Cost Cutters was before my senior prom. EVERY place in town was booked except them and since I can't fix my hair to save my life.. that was my last option. Let's just say I looked like an 80 year old woman with a perm. Not just a regular faux perm look, but one that was frizzy. Seriously. It was heinous. My mom didn't even buy prom pictures it was that bad. She said we should just not tell anyone I even went. --coming from Mingle Monday.

  3. Great idea, Elisa. I'll have to whip up a couple.


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