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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

egg craft part one: the story behind the eggs

For many families, decorating eggs is an annual springtime ritual.  With the abundance of egg dyes on the market, painting eggs has become as simple as tossing them (gently) in a mug full of vinegar and color and watching the hues deepen.  A few days later, lucky eggs are deviled or chopped and eaten.  The unlucky ones head to the dump or the compost pile.

Admittedly, we have done the exact same thing in years past.  That's how I was brought up dying eggs (always with Paas), and that's what my kids have experienced thus far.  However, there is a craftier option out there.  Yes, it is more time-consuming, but the best things in life are never free.  Spend your time wisely this week.  Sit down and really paint some keepsake eggs with your kids, your spouse, or even your friends.   Properly stored, the eggs will last a lifetime (or more) and will become a treasured tradition. 

When I was a child, I would admire my granny's collection of egg dioramas in her curio cabinet.  She had painstakingly blown and cut duck and goose eggs and then decorated the inside with little scenes.  She would remove them from the cabinet for me, one by one, and I would carefully carry them to the window.  Gazing inside, I would marvel at the tiny figurines and scenes that she had so lovingly put together years prior.  I still have many of those eggs, stored away in a curio that my granny bought my mother, who then gave it to me.  They are cherished keepsakes.

This year, I decided that we would make some keepsake eggs of our own.  Though we likely will not be cutting and placing dioramas inside (maybe we will, though...), we will have fun nevertheless.  I purchased a book at the library's used book sale a couple of weeks ago called Egg Craft.  It has inspired me to work with my children to create our own keepsakes and memories this Easter.  This is the first in a multi-part series documenting and detailing the steps necessary to make your own, too.

So, go ahead and gather up some materials.  All parts will be posted by Thursday eve, so you will be able to follow along with your creations prior to Easter. 

eggs (of course!), raw.  We're using chicken eggs, but if you have access to others, feel free to use them as well.
paint (any sort)
long embroidery needle or hat pin
paint brushes
hot glue
clear spray-on coating
beads, buttons, ribbon, trim, etc.
modge podge (optional)
vintage Easter card pictures (optional)
Toilet paper tubes for egg holders.

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  1. What a wonderful tradition to pass on!! Visiting you back and now your newest follower!

    Have a wonderful Easter!




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