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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

egg craft part three: let the decorating begin!


part one: the story behind the eggs
part two: blow those eggs!

After you blow out your eggs, wipe all the yolk and spittle off of the shells and let them dry overnight.  Don't be surprised if more egg trickles out during this time.  Just wipe it off before you begin.

There are so many ways that you can now decorate your hollow eggs.  Some ideas are listed below.  Have fun, make a mess, and enjoy this time with your kids.  Don't forget to date the bottoms with a sharpie when you're done!

  •  Use whatever type of paint you desire.  We've used watercolors, acrylics, and poster paints.  If you only have primary colors, mix with white to make pastels. 
  • The more coats of paint you use, the harder and more durable your egg will be when finished.
  • Use all sizes of paintbrushes.  Tiny brushes are great for details, while larger ones speed up the process for easily-distracted children and adults.
  • Make stamps out of potatoes or cork.  The tips of brushes also work well for stamping, as do Q-tips.  Look through your junk drawers and see what other interesting things you can find.
  • Finish the eggs with a top coat of spray-on clear sealant.  This will make the eggs last a lifetime.
  • While the shells are fragile, they should be able to withstand a little pressure, so don't be afraid to handle your eggs.
  • Set eggs on toilet paper tube rings or soda caps to dry.
  • If an egg is cracked, but whole, don't throw it out!  Several coats of paint can "glue" the egg pieces together.  Alternatively, paint and then smash the egg to use the tiny pieces as grass or candy on the inside of dioramas.

Dyed Eggs
Dye kits are available for sale in retailers nationwide.  You can go for simple or elaborate, with kits for tie-dying,  airbrushing, and more.

 Confetti Eggs
Cut a slightly larger hole in the bottom of the egg and fill egg with confetti.  Cover whole with tissue paper and glue into place.  Shred pastel or primary colored tissue paper into tiny bits.  Using modge podge or white glue, stick the tissue all over the outside of the egg shell.  Let dry.  Coat with one to two more coats of modge podge or glue.  If desired, roll in iridescent glitter.  Eggs are then used to play games like hot potato and spoon races.  When broken, a shower of confetti is released.  This is a great hands-on craft for toddlers or preschoolers.   (Eggs do not have to be filled.  This technique is just as pretty if left to be admired)

 Decoupage Eggs
Paint your blown eggs a solid color.  Use multiple coats as necessary.  Acquire old Easter cards or print images from the internet.  Cut to size.  Paint a thin layer of white glue or modge podge on the back of your picture and stick it on the egg.  Let dry.  Cover the image with another layer of modge podge.

Egg People & Animals
Paint a face on your egg and add construction paper feet, arms, hats, and hair.  Or, use arms for hair.  The possibilities are endless.  See if you can create a bunny rabbit or your pet dog.  What about a bird? String eggs together and make the very hungry caterpillar, or a not-so-hungry snake.

Using manicure scissors, cut an oval along one side of the egg (long side).  Decorate the inside with Easter grass, shredded paper, paper figures, plastic figures, or whatever else you may think up.  Trim the edge of the opening with rick-rack, ribbon, or single-loop trim.  Decorate the outside as desired.

Russian Eggs
Paint egg a bright solid color.  When dry, use a pencil to draw freehand flowers and swirls.  Paint images in bright colors.  When paint is dry, use a sharpie to outline your designs.  Cap with jewelry caps and hang.

The possibilities really are endless.  We're going to be decorating our eggs on Thursday.  So far, Alex wants to try his hand at making a bunny, and Katie will likely paint with watercolors.  I'm planning on decoupaging some eggs to give to the grandparents as gifts, as well.

How will you decorate your eggs this year? 

Photo Sources:
ConfettiEggs by longhorndave
Easter Eggs by joshberglund19
Decoupage Eggs
Humpty Dumpty
Diorama Eggs
Russian Eggs
Polish pisanki

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  1. Those are neat ideas!! I love the idea of making the eggs into people or animals!


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