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Monday, April 18, 2011

empty tomb cookies

Though we are on "spring break" this week, my children and I are going to spend some time talking about what Easter is really about.  I was looking for fun activities that we could do to illustrate the Easter Story when I came across a recipe for Empty Tomb Cookies.

One Palm Sunday several years ago, I made something similar to this with my Sunday School class.  Instead of cookies, we baked Resurrection Rolls.  The lesson went well.  The children enjoyed being in the kitchen and were very attentive.  While the rolls were baking, we made construction paper palm fronds to carry with us into the sanctuary for worship.

However, in stumbling across this recipe for cookies, I think I have found an even more meaningful activity to do with my own children.  The author outlines activities throughout the lesson that will serve to provide a hands-on understanding of the Easter Story.  Additionally, for each step in the baking process, she provides Scripture to read and discuss.  She completes her tutorial with lovely photographs of her children and her cookies (which look delicious, by the way).

I think my favorite part of the entire recipe is when the children tape the oven closed the night before Easter and allow the cookies to bake overnight.  This gives them something more substantial to be excited over on Easter morning, rather than just what the Easter bunny may have brought.  While our family does the whole Easter bunny ~ basketful of candy ~ hidden egg thing, I really want to work to impart more meaning in the treasured holiday.  This may be our perfect way.

Easter morning, 2010


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