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Friday, May 20, 2011

not yet, God. not yet

One time, when I was a child, I remember seeing a man wearing a sandwich board on a street corner.  He wasn't advertising ice cream or tax preparation or hemorrhoid cream.  His sign said,

Jesus is Coming

I was scared.  I didn't sleep that night.  I didn't know what was about to happen.  I had visions of fire falling from the sky and the devil snatching me up (as my granny so often told me he would if I misbehaved).  I was traumatized.

Jesus didn't come that night, at least not to anyone's knowledge.  Nor did He come the next night, nor the night after that. 

But, He is returning.  The Word of God ensures us of that.  However, God's Word also says that no one, not the angels, nor the Son, knows when He will return.  No one but the Father knows.  Therefore, the false prophet behind the May 21 Doomsday prophecies must be full of it.  He must.

Is there any reason that God would invalidate His Word by revealing the timing of Jesus' return to Harold Camping?    If He doesn't want us to know when He will return, then it is very unlikely that Camping has broken some sort of biblical code and come upon an exact date using estimations and fuzzy math.

Though I don't believe that Jesus will return tomorrow, I can't help but be anxious about the time when He does come.  Unlike many believers, I truly hope it is not within my lifetime.  I suppose this means I am holding too tightly to the world, and that I'm still a young, immature Christian.  But, I want to see my kids grow up.  I want to be here for all of the firsts.  I want to have more time on Earth with my husband.  I'm not ready, yet.  At some point, I may be.  But, not yet. 

So, I can't look upon His coming with excitement.  I know that Heaven will be more glorious than anything we can imagine, but will there be bikes for my kids to ride?  Will there be puppies with which to play?  Will there be birthdays to celebrate and messes to make?  In the grand scheme of things, I may not be important, but I have my family and I'm content.  I don't want to go, yet.


  1. I could have written this, but not as eloquently. I'm so afraid of death even though I know it will be more glorious in Heaven with the Father than it is here, but I too hold on to the world too tight. I want to watch my son grow up and I want to birth more children and love my family longer.

  2. You did a wonderful job of expressing exactly how I feel about the second coming of Christ. I want it, but not in my lifetime. I love being human too much along with all the things you mention. Plus, if God made this life for us, he also made us for this life, and we should be living in the here and now.

  3. I thought your post was thoughtful and you share the feelings of many people. Will there be puppies in heaven? Bicycles? That is yet to be determined. But I think we will be enjoying the beatific vision and not worry about these 'things' that seemed so important on earth. I had a class presentation in my philosophy class this semester and I spoke on death, the anxiety of death. Dying is a journey, death is an event. I hope to complete my mission here and one day spend eternity with God. But until then, I will continue to enjoy the 'little' things and wait in anticipation for the Grand Finale.

    Pax et Lux!


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