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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

of the senses

Spring is here.  
Can you feel it?

My backyard is a haven for these furry little guys right now.  As a child, I remember examining the tree trunks and exposed roots on the elementary school playground, looking for caterpillars.  I shared this experience with my children recently.  Half-grown Alex was ambivalent, but Katie delighted in the feel of their furry little bodies crawling along her outstretched arm.  After that first experience, however, she is happy to leave them be, watching their travels from afar.


Spring is here.  
Look close.  Can you see it?

Seeds are germinating and sending tendrils of green shooting towards the sun.  My basil, radishes, carrots, pumpkins, cantaloupe, tomatoes, zucchini plants, and flowers have all begun to sprout.  My fast-growing beans are already standing tall.


Spring is here.
Bend down.  Can you smell it?

Nearly every year for the past ten years, I've planted petunias.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  This year, I've already purchased one six pack to plant, and I'm hoping we don't have a late freeze to kill them off.  This sweet little flower is just about to bloom.  

Do you taste the strawberries?  Do you hear the laughter?  Is spring beckoning you to come and rejoice in its freshness?  Take a moment and just sit.  Absorb your surroundings, and say hello to nature.

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  1. I can't remember the last time I caught a catterpilar! Spring is awesome. Unfortunately our spring feels more like summer and it's already hot here.

  2. Thanks for bringing spring into my computer screen with your great photos!
    I'm following you on GFC...hopped over from Makobi Scribe...would love you to peek at my parenting blog:

  3. Hi I am new follower from the uk
    Loved your blog
    please come visit me anytime

  4. Great pics! I have a caterpiller on my blog too. Must be time for them to be out and about.

  5. I am following you from the blog hop! :)
    I write a blog as well~


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