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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ronald sent out to pasture?

First, California banned toys in happy meals.  Now, a group is calling for McDonald's to do away with Ronald McDonald.  What's next?  Burning the Playland that my kids so love?  I certainly hope not.

Way back when, McDonald's and other fast food restaurants discovered a gold mine in the Happy Meal.  A smaller version of adult combos, served up in a fun little box, bucket, or bag, and sold to children, nary a parent can drive past the golden arches without hearing the screeches of "Happy Meal, Momma, happy meal!"  But, do the little munchkins forcefully grab the wheel and pull into the grease pit?  Do they yank their parents' wallets away and pay for the meals of delight?  No.

Again, nobody is forcing you to feed your children fast food.  So, stop acting like it.  Instead of demanding that these companies stop marketing their products to kids by putting toys and cartoon characters in and on the wrappings, perhaps parents should stand up to their own offspring and just say, "No." Or, "Hell, no."  Or, "Not in your lifetime, kiddo."  Whichever way you slice it, a no is a no is a no.

Now, really.  I'm not one to say that big business should trump the consumer every time, but why should McDonald's feel pressure to retire its happy-go-lucky NON-obese clown (as opposed to the clown who came to every school function when I was in elementary school) who happens to also be the front-man for a hugely popular and much needed charity, the Ronald McDonald house?  Why should we say good-bye to the character once played by good old Willard Scott?  Why does it really matter if McDonald's uses a character to promote itself as being a fun place to go and eat?  Does fun suddenly equate daily?  Because, if so... daily trips to McD's are no longer fun.

Do you see anyone going after Chuck E. Cheese and their atrocious pizza?  No.  What about the cute little pigtailed Wendy?  Nope, not her, either.  Only the clown.  Perhaps they are just afraid of clowns.

Long live the clown.

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  1. I completely agree with you! What happened to people taking responsibility for themselves? Leave the clown alone. I'm smart enough to make decisions for myself, thankyouverymuch!


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