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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hole in one

These sinkholes with straight sides creep me out.  I mean, a lot of things creep me out, but especially this strange sinkholes.  Did you see the article on cnn.com today about the three foot wide, forty foot deep sinkhole that opened up under a lady's bed down there in Guatemala?  Apparently, she and her grandkids were going about their day, having a hunky-dory time when, BOOM!, they heard a great noise.  The woman and her neighbors started to look for the cause of the noise and, somehow, thought to look under her bed.  Me?  Personally?  I would NEVER let a neighbor look under my bed.  You never know WHAT size dust bunnies are hiding under there.  Anyway, they found this giant hole that had opened up in her bedroom, right under the place in which she sleeps!

So, look at that picture.  Just look at it.  It's amazingly creepy, isn't it?  I mean, the hole is a darn near perfect circle.  You know, except for that one little chip sticking out over there.  Also, you can see the laminate flooring around the outside of the hole and then... dirt.  So, I take it that this lady's home was build on a very thin (perhaps concrete) foundation with flooring laid on top?  I guess it is possible.  And, look at the sides of that hole!  They are just straight up and down!  Good golly, isn't that a freaky sight to behold?!  And, there isn't even any dust or rubble or anything for her to have to clean up, because it all fell neatly down into that big sucka of of a hole. 

But, all known sources have agreed that it is a sinkhole.  It doesn't look anything like the sinkhole that opened up in MY front yard a year or so ago, but it is still a sinkhole.  It is remarkably similar to this other sinkhole that opened up close to this lady's house last year. 

That one was blamed on Tropical Storm Agatha.  It swallowed a WHOLE building, not just some junk under a bed.  I suspect that mad dust bunnies are on the loose.  Or, perhaps giant gophers.

PS: Don't you think it is a little strange that they actually found this hole under this lady's bed right away?  I mean, I can go for weeks without daring to peek under my bed.  She must be one brave woman.

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  1. That leaves a void in the pit of my stomach. I can't imagine. Something could swallow me up that quickly... it's now on my top of my list of worst ways to die.


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