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Monday, March 8, 2010

Click and Pick: DIY Paradise

Browsing through the etsy Time Machine this morning, I came across this picture.  The background of music notes immediately appealed to me, though the main subject was a supply of cabochons.  While I was looking for a fascinating artist or designer to feature, I had to click on this store.  I have never before seen a supply shop in which the owner take so much time to develop their photographs.  Each picture is an outlet to the seller's creativity.  Doilies, music books, fabric, and flowers flit amongst the backgrounds of the photographs of jewelry supplies.  The store is a delight to behold, something very rare for a supply site.  The seller's hard work and diligence are paying off, too, as the shop has had a few thousand sales since it opened in August. What would you make with these fabulous trinkets?

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