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Thursday, July 22, 2010

las tres faldas

Every girl needs a pretty, lightweight summer skirt.  Since I'll soon be leaving for vacation, I decided to make three to take along.  I loosely based my patterns on the Market Skirt, a MADE tutorial for little girls.

First up, a blue and white toile-patterned skirt made from an old shower curtain.  Yep, I rescued it from my mom's yard sale pile.  I had to use two layers on this one because the fabric was a bit sheer.  I figured I'd wear it with a gray tank.  Pretty spiffy, I think, for the cost of the elastic and thread.  Total cost: $1.83

Next, I made this tropical floral skirt.  This is kind of a stretchy fabric.  I thought it was pretty when I bought it, but now it looks a little matronly to me.  Eh, that's okay.  Paired with a black top it is a decent combination for a day of shopping or a lunch with friends.  I bought a yard of fabric for $4.50, so this particular skirt only cost $6.33

I think this skirt is my favorite of the bunch.  I bought two yards of each of these fabrics and I'm going to make my daughter sundresses out of the extra.  I think I probably have enough of the light pink to make a sundress and a market skirt for her, but we'll see.  Cutesy?  Yeah, but I don't care.  Total cost for one skirt: $5.81


  1. Very cute! I love it when you can make something adorable for cheap :)

  2. So pretty! They look nice and cool, too.


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