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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ten Feet Deep

I always seem to get myself deeply involved in projects that are way too time consuming or completely over my head.  I suppose I am a bit of an idealist, a dreamer, and an overachiever.  But, how would life be interesting if I lived it in any other fashion?

Yesterday's Luigi costume turned out fairly well.  I not only developed my own technique for turning an old pair of jeans into child's overalls, I also mastered using the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine, repurposed an old green t-shirt into a stylin' cap, and ripped out countless stitches all in the quest for (near) perfection.  Not only that, I did it all with a toddler under foot (or on the table), two irritated, argumentative, pups, and a nine-year old boy who kept asking, "Are you done, yet?"  Just a side note: if you are going to sew with your toddler on top of the table, make sure you allow extra time for oopsies, oh craps, and what-the-hell-was-thats.  In other words, have a seam ripper handy.

Now, my next great adventure entails preparing for a yard sale in 48 hours' time.  I decided to have this sale last weekend, when I became fed up with all the crap that is currently occupying my space.  I didn't start actually working on it until today.  The sale starts Friday at 8 am.  I guess we're down to 36 or so hours now, huh?  I'm going to offer grab bags of some of my older and less commonly-used fabric scraps.  I'm hoping to not only declutter my home, but destash my lopsided bedroom corner which houses all my TattieTats stuff office as well.  Oh, and did I mention that my toddler will be helping during the entire process?  Yeah.  I'll go turn on my coffee maker now.

As much as I love her, I have to admit that Baby K is into everything and then some.  If I pull it out, she puts it back.  If I put it away, she yanks it out.  She's a firecracker, I tell ya.  Just today, I caught her clomping around the house in one of my high heels and one of her brother's Converse sneakers.  You could say she was a little off-balance, just like her mama.

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