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Saturday, August 28, 2010

chocolate peanut butter birthday cake

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

For a bit of fun, I tweeted while baking my birthday cake yesterday.  Lots of people have asked why I baked my own cake and the answer is simple.  I found this recipe, fell in love with the idea of it, had to have it, and set my mind to baking it.   Halfway through (or thereabouts) I realized I had forgotten to buy cream cheese at the store, a necessary ingredient for the smitten kitchen icing.  So, I hopped over to all recipes for a variation of the peanut butter icing.  I think it is delicious, just like a peanut butter cup.  But, if you decide to make it, double the icing recipe.  I ran out and wasn't able to properly ice the sides of the cake.  Anyway, feeling inspired, I cut up some Reese's Cups that I bought for just that purpose happened to have laying around, chopped them up, and sprinkled them across the top.

And, by the way, look for a giveaway from Heaven Baked Sweets coming soon.  She's working on a new cookie mix, but you didn't hear it from me....


  1. No one can live up to pictures at Smitten Kitchen. I bet it tasted wonderful.

  2. Also, while I am hanging around on your blog, can I say I am *addicted* to Smitten Kitchen? I have that cake bookmarked myself, to make for Wesley's birthday. I just made the succotash last week, and the challah over the summer, and a couple of other things. I am slowly trying to morph our kitchen into my own smitten kitchen.

  3. Smitten Kitchen is wonderful! Amanda, make the cake a day or two before his birthday to let the flavors have time to meld. This cake tasted so much better the second and third days.


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