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Friday, January 7, 2011

the race begins

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

Six months ago, I agreed to take on an enormous project.  Since October or so, I've been having nightmares about it.  They're sort of like those showing-up-at-high-school-in-your-birthday-suit nightmares.  Total humiliation.  Lack of preparation.  Enormous break-downs.  Lord, help me.

My son is a Cub Scout.  As a result of his interests, and my husband's cajoling, I am a Scout Leader.  Not long after I signed up, I had a conversation with my husband.  It seems like it was right after a District Camping event.  We were sitting there talking about how much fun we had had that weekend.  I mentioned that I really admired the way that the District put on events.  They were very enjoyable.  I felt like I might want to help with them at some point in the future.

Cub Scout Adventure Camp, 2008
Camp Powhatan

About a year later, I was asked to serve as the Cub Camping Chair for the Big Lick District.  It has been a wild ride.  I've had a blast.  Now, I'm facing my biggest challenge yet.

Spookoree Family Campout, 2010
Camp Alta Mons

I am the Day Camp Director for 2011.  Yikes!  This is what I've been tossing and turning over.  This is what I've narrowly survived doing in my dreams.  This is the source of my anxiety.

At first, I attributed the nightmares to the fact that it seemed too early to start planning.  I had too many other balls in the air for the moment.  I had to get through introducing myself to my new den (I'm a Webelos Leader, too.)  I had to get through Spookoree (the fall family campout).  Then, there was Katie's birthday party.  Not too long later, I had to survive Webelos to Woods in freezing temps with all 7 of my Webelos Scouts.  Then, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.  Now is the time to start.

But, still, there's more to do in addition to planning Day Camp.  Alex's birthday is quickly approaching, plus a Blue and Gold Banquet that I'm now planning, a Pack campout (again, planning), Gold Rush (district family campout), which I'm overseeing, and my den.  Does it ever stop?

Yet, I'm hoping the anxiety and cold sweats will stop.  We're starting to plan now.  We had a meeting last night.  I'm starting to line up volunteers.  We may have a location.  I'm going to camp school, where I can actually be trained to do all this stuff.  Time for a deep breath.

Here's my plea to all my creative readers... The theme is CSI: Cub Scout Investigation.  While I'm (thankfully) not also in charge of programming, I like to contribute what I can.  Send me your best craft, game, or decorative ideas that match the theme.  I would so appreciate it!

**Photo Credit:
"I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it anymore!" by A. Starkey via a Creative Commons License
"hand prints" by timsnell via a Creative Commons License


  1. What about a scavenger hunt with CSI themed clues?

    I'll ask my dad. He was my brothers' den leader.. he might have some ideas up his sleeve.

  2. I like Losing Brownies suggestion. When my brother worked at the Intel Center in Charlottesville they had some CSI themed events on family day. They had a station where you were able to leave prints on something, and then lift your own fingerprints with their materials. We got to preserve them on a tile or something, if we wanted. He was in charge of organizing that event, I'll message him and see if he remembers any other ideas. On a side note, I can't believe you do all of that stuff, and you do it by choice. for free. you are one busy woman.

  3. Our Day Camp theme las summer was CSI and we had a great time. We did fingerprints and used different types of things to lift finger prints. We did science experiments. Had spy camp names, decoded messages in all sorts of ways. Learned morse code---loosely. The boys actually did better than their leaders! We gave them spy kits as part of their fees...it had about 8 different decoders, invisible ink, flashlight with morse code on it, a secret agent name tag...it was cool!
    The Cubs had a great time 'investigating' anything and everything.

    Shelly Rawlins

  4. Wow. Yes, do breath. It sounds like boy scouts just doesn't end! I'll think on it and see if I can come up with anything to help!

  5. Thanks for all the ideas, ladies. I'm wondering, how do you lift fingerprints?

    Nancy, boy scouts can end... around age 18, lol. No, really, it depends on the leader's level of involvement. I have a blast doing the stuff, but I think I may be in over my head this time.


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