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Friday, February 4, 2011


If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

A friend of mine shared this picture on Facebook today.  This is M.  Isn't he a cutie?  He and Katie are the same age. 

Do you see anything abnormal in that photograph?  Anything at all?  Look closer.  Maybe let your eyes drift away from M.  Maybe take a look at the house window back there.  See that?  No?  Let me blow it up for you.

Now, do you see?  
Angel swears that it isn't her husband.  She and M were alone in the house that day.  There are blinds in the window, which were closed, and the TV faces a different direction.  

Though I believe in spirits, at first I tried believing it was just smudges on her car window, through which this was shot.  Then, some ladies mentioned that it looks like Angel's husband.  

But, he absolutely wasn't there.  And, it only slightly resembles him.  The dimensions of the face are off.  

What is your theory?  Smudge?  Mr. M?  Ghost?  Other?

I don't easily buy into these things, but personally, I think she has a spirit residing in her home.  I have had some brief encounters with spirits before and I'd rather forget about them.  Yet, this picture brought the reality of the spirit world crashing down for me.  I can't deny what I've seen and experienced, but I can blame it on my imagination.  However, when a trusted friend presents something like this, it is a little harder to deny, though I most certainly tried. 


  1. Stuff like that gives me goosebumps, but I'm a firm believer in spirits! Maybe it is one!

  2. I've had enough close encounters of my own that I'm a believer. I'd say someone is watching over them.

  3. Ek. Goosebumps here too. Praying it is someone watching over them.

  4. Now that's spooky, given me a few chills!


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