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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

free day

Though they don't yet know it, today is the type of day in which the kids will get exactly what they want. Cookies for breakfast? Sure! Ice cream for lunch? Go ahead!

After posting last night about my crazy-busy week and all the stuff that I have to get done in the next five minutes, I went to bed.

Then, I woke up. At four in the morning. With a raging sore throat. With so much gunk in my throat that I can't swallow at.all. With pounding sinuses on one side of my face.

I thought that maybe I had sucked in some of the dust that abounds in the bedroom and that my allergies were acting up. I took some allergy medicine and went back to bed. No go. Waking up this morning, I'm realizing that I am really and truly sick.

Pray for me.  Please.


  1. I hope you feel better :/
    I misunderstood at first. I thought you were saying that you were giving your kids a free day. Which may be irritating to tolerate but actually could be added into the surprises their tokens of tasks gets them.
    Have a good day (hopefully getting some sleep)I will send a prayer up in your behalf :)

  2. I read a blog many years back about a Mom who did the same thing. She was so tired of saying "NO!" all the time and yelling, that one day she shocked her kids and said "YES!" to everything (within reason). Instead of punishing one kid for a bad behavior, she threw her hands up in the air and just let it go!

    It's good for everyone to have a break once in a while ;)

    Hope you feel better, Linds!


  3. Oh goodness, I hope you feel better soon!



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