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Monday, June 27, 2011

wanted: pen pals

When I was in elementary school, I remember participating in a pen pal program at my school.  Somehow, our class was matched up with another class in another part of the country and we wrote letters to one another once in awhile. 

Of course, this was before Virginia's Standards of Learning set in and teachers were then allowed to spend more than ten total minutes on teaching children how to write a letter.

This was also before the ease of email, text messages, twitter, and Facebook status updates.

In looking at my son's homeschool curriculum for next year, I am realizing that I would really like to implement a pen pal program into his planned activities.  I want to find a fourth, fifth, or sixth grade homeschooler (or two) in the United States (because that's the focus of next year's studies) with whom Alex can exchange weekly letters. 

My goal is for my child to make new friends, learn about the communities in which his pen pals reside, and practice written communication skills sans technology.  While the typed word has it's place, the handwritten one is so much more personal and intimate. 

Wanna hook your kid up with mine?  Contact me!

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  1. I must say I think that is a great idea. I only have a newborn...but I plan to homeschool, and this sounds like it would be wonderful. I plan to remember this :D


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