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Monday, February 13, 2012

change of heart

Up until very recently, Katie had become reluctant to get her hair cut.  She would wiggle and scream if I took her near a salon, and vehemently shake her head and insist that she didn't want "princess hair" at the very mention of a hair cut.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, John finally convinced her to go with him for a trim.  Once the time came to actually sit in the chair for a clippety-clip, we were surprised at how willing she was to go with the flow.  A half an inch or so gone and two suckers to boot!

Around the same time, I went out and bought Katie a pair of blunt tip scissors.  I figured that it was time for her to start honing her cutting skills, to better develop her fine motor coordination.  This last week, she had really taken to sitting and cutting paper at the kitchen table while I sat with her or cleaned up the dishes or whatever.  Snip.. snip... snip....

And then, Saturday night, I noticed that she had some short, spiky, chicken hair where some long bangs used to be.  Bangs that we had been working on growing out, mind you.  That's right, folks.  At some point, she took those pretty purple blunt-tip scissors and cut her own hair.  Right in the front, too.  I suppose we are lucky in that it isn't so bad that you notice right off.  In fact, if I sweep the rest of her bangs to the side (and given that they are nearly chin-length, I have to do that anyway), you can't even tell.  But, I know. 

I also know that this is just something kids do.  When I was a year or two older, I cut a curl for each family member using my pink playdough scissors (the ones that came with the beauty salon play kit, to boot!)  Several of my friends' three and four year olds have also cut their hair recently.  But, that doesn't make it any better.  It doesn't look soooo bad right now, but what about when it starts to grow out and the shortie bangs are really noticeable?  What then?

I guess we'd better take some spring pictures a few weeks early!

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