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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ins and Outs of Cloth

So, I've returned to the world of cloth diapering recently.  In fact, though I am out of clean "good" diapers, I am hastily using prefolds and covers until my pockets and all-in-ones finish drying.  I never really left cloth diapering behind, I just got lazy.  Who really wants to spend all day every other day washing diapers?  Alas, I can't justify buying disposables when we have spend so much on our cloth stash.

Today, in hopes of getting rid of the stink from leaving diapers in a sealed pail for months on end way too long, I have hung the diapers out to dry on a makeshift clothesline.  Yes, makeshift.  Being the crafty mama that I am, I strung some party ribbon across the rails of my back deck.  It looks weird, but at least it is useful and free.  According to some frequent posters on diaperswappers, an online diapering community, the sun should work to remove the stinkies.  I sure hope so.

In addition to using the great power of the brightest star in our sky, I have also spent 3 days over the course of the last week stripping diapers.  What does that entail, you ask?  Washing them over and over and over again.  Then drying them.  Then, pulling them out of the dryer and realizing they still smell like poop.  Apparently I'm not using enough detergent.  Go figure.

But, hey, Huggies is no longer ripping hard earned cash from my cold, dead fingers.  Nor am I having as big of an impact on the environment. But what about all those wash loads????  And dryer cycles????  So, that makes it worth it, right?  Right?

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  1. Hmmm... curious as to why you spend so much time washing your reusables? We clothdiaper and at the moment I only HAVE 8 and we just do a wash and hang ever day and so far so good! I hope you get the smell out soon. (by the way, someone said to me that detergent builds up and causes them to smell worse. might be worth looking in to?)


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