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Monday, September 6, 2010

monday briefs

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

We spent the last weekend of summer at my in-laws' house near the VA-NC border.  While I was so happy to be away from home, I was miserable with a cold.  I suppose I have little Alex to thank for that.  I couldn't breathe (still can't), couldn't sleep (only now, thanks to some sudafed), and couldn't get comfortable.  It really is a sad thing to feel ill over a holiday weekend.

On Sunday, the whole family went to the local (ish) mall to do some shopping.  You see, my husband is starting a new job in a few weeks and was actually going to treat himself to some new clothes.  He's typically the unselfish sort who never buys anything for himself, so I was happy that he was getting out and purchasing some new duds.

While we were there, we browsed for little girl clothes.  Interestingly enough, Nana kept pointing out how cute the itty bitty baby clothes were, too.  I think she was dropping hints that we should get hoppin' and have number three.  It seems like she did the same sort of thing before we found out we were expecting Baby Kate.  Uh-oh!  Could this be a sign?  I think not.

In other news, this was the weekend of the Hillsville Flea Market, but we haven't made it up there yet.  I just don't feel like doing anything, you see.  While I would love to go get a piece of frozen, chocolate-dipped cheesecake, I can't taste it, so what's the point?  I wonder how well they freeze...

Now it's your turn.  Give us a brief rundown of recent events, a rant, a rave, or a vent.  It's all up to you, but keep it brief.

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  1. My husband is the same way. I either have to buy the clothes myself, or drive him to a store and start throwing things in the basket until he'll help me pick stuff out that he'll actually like!


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