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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

your wife looks like misery

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

This is where I spent my weekend, camping on a farm.  It was cold, but it was beautiful. 

It was a great Scouting weekend.  Lots of food, lots of fun, lots of laughter.  A water balloon catapult (in near freezing temperatures!), a course in fire starting, and another in orienteering, all held around a much-needed campfire in the company of friendly Scouts and Scouters.  But, oh my gosh, it was cold.

Scoutmaster K prepared a delicious pot of Texas Ranger Stew for dinner.  He threw in hamburger, tomatoes, corn, rice, onions, and some other stuff.  Heated it all up and served it with bread.  This stuff really hit the spot as the sun was going down.  We sat around the fire, ate, talked, and joked with one another.  But, soon it was time to go to bed.

Here's a quick word of advice:  Always look up before you pitch your tent.  Having neglected to examine the trees surrounding my chosen spot, I place our tent underneath a nearly-dead pine tree.  When the wind picked up after the sun went down, and Mr. Hull and I were tucked into our sleeping bags trying to snooze, the tree began to creak.  I spent most of the night praying that the tree would not fall on us or those in the surrounding tents.  According to my husband, pine branches fall like spears and are often called "widow-makers."  Lesson learned.  Always look up.

I can also tell you, with much accuracy, that coyotes have definitely claimed the area in which we live.  Sometime after Mr. Hull woke with a startled shout around 1 AM (he was so cold he thought he had died and gone to hell), I heard the yips, yaps, and yells begin.  The trio of farm dogs charged across the cow pasture towards the sound of the incoming intruders.  After a bit, things settled down and I was
finally able to sleep.

The next morning dawned after many hours of restless tossing and turning.  Upon seeing my morning face, an old friend told my husband that I looked like "pure misery."  Wow, thanks!  Truth be told, I had an enjoyable weekend.  And, I know that the boys that we were with absolutely did.  This was the first camping trip for some.  To know that I have had a hand in giving some young Scouts a memorable experience that will help them continue along the Scouting Trail and further enable these boys to grow into men of character makes the cold, the fear, and the coyotes all worth it.
Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Next November?  Nah... I think I'll advocate for June!


  1. Ooh! I love camping, but I can't get Gadget Guy to go. He hates the idea. My best memories are family camping with the scouts. Both of my brothers were into it and my dad was a Den leader so we went to all ove them. I hope The Boy wants to be in scouts. I'd love to participate with him!

  2. Moms are even more welcome in Scouts now than they used to be. I'm the Cub Camping Committee Chair for my district and I love it! You should totally get your son involved when he's old enough (when he finishes kindergarten, he can join as early as June of that year.) It is such a rewarding experience. And, most of the time, it isn't so cold ;)


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