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Friday, February 25, 2011

the littlest seamstress

Things were unusually quiet around the house last night.  Walking into the kitchen, this is what I saw...

She was rearranging the pins in my pin cushion.  Alex used to do the same thing, making elaborate patterns out of the different colors.  I sat down with her and we sewed for a little while, working on the tuxedo shirt dress I've had planned for a couple of months.  I was trying to get the puffy sleeves just right and Katie helped out by handing me pins as I needed them.  I realized that she has grasped the concept of pronouns.  Rather than saying, "Mommy needs this," she is now saying, "You need this?" and "Here you go."   Such a cutie.


  1. My daughter used to do the same thing. Brings back sweet memories.

  2. I used to love playing with my mom's pincushion!! Had forgotten all about that. . . I'm a new follower from the blog hop. Very much enjoying reading!! - Amy



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