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Saturday, February 26, 2011

sure as shit

We had a brief period of nice weather yesterday morning before the crazy wind hit.  During that time, I took advantage of the warmth by going outside to hang some towels to dry.  While I was out there, I went ahead and started cleaning up some of the accumulated dog crap that the two resident hounds leave in the yard.

Know what I realized?  I managed to hang my clothes line right over the area where the dogs like to poop the best.  There were literally piles of crap all along the length of the clothes line.  It was as if we were keeping a cow or horse or other large animal back there.  Seriously.  I picked up a whole grocery bag full of shit, and that was just from beneath my line.

The question is, have the dogs always mostly crapped along that one line?  Or, did they start doing it after I hung the clothes line last spring?  And, why?  I honestly didn't think dogs were that particular about where they dropped a turd.  I know that hamsters and rodents have a spot in the corner of their cages and whatnot, but dogs?  They aren't supposed to be that sophisticated.

So, there I was, squatting in the yard, cleaning up crap and musing over the location of the dogs' preferred potty line.  What a morning.  I probably looked like I was the one dropping the turds, as I was hunched over, walking along, and stopping every few inches to snag another piece of poo.  At least the grass will be green.

Do your dogs have a poop place, or are mine the only psychotic pooches around?


  1. When I had a dog, he pooped in what we called "Poop Alley" and it was a horrific spring. And when we dared to take him on walks he had to pee on the same tree. Nowhere else, just that tree. But now I have cats who poop more than any other living creature I have ever seen. AND they fart worse than my husband and that is quite an accomplishment.

  2. We don't have dogs, but when my son brings his, I've noticed that the Rottweiler goes in the same place almost every time. The Labrador is not particular; she'll go anywhere.

  3. Our dog poops in our rocks, in the back left hand of the yard. My husband is trying to train him to do it in this one spot, but he is drawn to his spot. I don't pick it up though, I leave that for Gadget Guy to do.

  4. I spent a whole summer training my dog to go in one area of the yard. I still have yet to train my husband to do the same. One accomplishment at a time, I guess.

  5. The dogs did not poop along the clothes line until last year. Before last year, the dogs preferred the few tufts of grass along the northern property boundary/fence.


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