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Thursday, April 28, 2011

let the thunder roll

Whoo-eee!  Those were some serious storms yesterday and last night.  My heart goes out to all who were affected by the weather. 

Here at home, we seem to have lucked out.  The worst of the storms passed to the northwest of us, though we did have a scary time when the Weather Service issued a tornado warning for our whole county, thus sending an alert to my phone, when it was really only a tiny corner that was in danger.

Aside from the time that I spent huddled in the inner bathroom with my children and dogs (the fish didn't get to go, sorry!), and the little bit of the night that I spent in a peaceful sleep, my evening was consumed with hopping from the Weather Channel, to our local tv stations' websites, to twitter, to facebook, and (mostly), Kevin Myatt's Weather Journal on roanoke.com. 

Last night, I was regretting our decision to cut the cable and go with a roku box for entertainment.  We had no way of getting real-time forecasts and warnings.  The radio and text alerts served a purpose, but I wanted to see a weather map and see someone knowledgeable explain it, dammit!  The closest I could come was eyewitness reports in the comments section of the Weather Journal, and they couldn't exactly tell me what would happen, just what had. 

This weather has been seriously freaky the last few weeks.  We don't live in tornado alley, yet we've had watches and warnings at least once a week since the middle of April.  My husband, who has never really bought into conspiracy theories, is beginning to think it has something to do with weather manipulation, or HAARP, or that weather control is being used as a weapon against us somehow.  If the weather wasn't so crazy, I would have trouble believing it.  Now, I just don't know.

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