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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

secrets of a novice gardener

  • If the dog chews up the hose, don't try to fix it with duct tape unless you don't mind a good soaking.
  • It is okay to pretend that you are a giant when you pull up your extra plants and thin out your seedlings.
  • It is also okay to mourn the death of those little plants while you do so.  You so eagerly put them in the ground and watched them grow, after all.
  • A green thumb does not really beget a fruitful crop.  It could also mean that you forgot to wash your hands after finger painting.
  • Pruning your bush does not necessarily make it look better.  Don't be surprised if you notice a bare spot when it blooms.
  • A sprinkling from a dog does not equal a good, soaking rain.  Plants need water and that is that.
  • Only putting fruits and vegetables in your open compost bin will not guarantee that your dogs won't enjoy a good smorgasbord.  Apparently, canines will dine on just about anything.
  • If a worm falls from the interior of your garden hose, don't bother screaming.  No one will rescue you.  Besides, even if it appears to be four feet long, it isn't really a snake.


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