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Thursday, May 26, 2011

upon a grassy knoll

Sometimes you take a photograph and you just love it.

We went to Fishburn Park this week to slide, swing, splash, play, and meander through the woods.  Fishburn really is my favorite park in the Roanoke Valley.  Though you have to park at the top of a hill and walk down to the play area, thereby necessitating a walk back up the hill.  The children had the best time playing in the stream before taking a short little hike through the "Hundred Acre Woods."  Afterward, Katie chased butterflies up to the top of the hill and then collapsed in a toddler-sized heap.  She didn't want anything to do with Mommy's camera at that point, but I was still able to get a shot of her stubborn self as she turned away from the camera.

and then, she {snapped}

I've mentioned how much I love picnik before.  I know I have.  I'm sure you're tired of me touting the many great free features of this photo editing site.  But, I use it nearly every day.  Not a single photo gets posted online without at least a smidge of editing.  

For this one, I didn't have a lot of cropping to do, but I did use picnik's crop tool to place Katie's head in the sweet spot of the upper left quadrant of the photo.  I also played with the coloring a little bit.  First, I changed the photograph to black and white, then I used the Boost effect to bring out the colors, without them becoming too overwhelming.  The result is a washed-out portrait of my tired little girl in the grass.


Tell me about it!

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