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Friday, February 10, 2012

homeschool mother's journal

For quite some time, I've seen posts labeled "homeschool mother's journal" linked around the blogosphere.  I have been intrigued by these blog posts because I like the idea of simply recording the week's events, even when I feel like I have nothing revolutionary to share.  I wouldn't have to be witty or original, just honest.  I started my blog as a way to record the happenings in my life and that of my children, so why wouldn't I jump on board this link up?  So, here goes.

As I mentioned yesterday, homeschooling seems to be going quite smoothly this week (knock on wood).  In fact, it is going so well that it seems like we may be missing something.

Math... check... full speed ahead, actually
English and spelling... check... working on commas now
Science... currently infactuated with the Discovery Channel's show Prototype This and thinking about turning this fascination into some sort of science experiment/ building project.
Geography... check... just starting a new unit on the Midwest... a little behind, but better late than never.
History... just finished the Civil War last week... think he actually may have learned something...
Tot School... hearts galore.  Need to make some heart garland today and do some painting, I think.
Art... pinewood derby rules this week.
Attitude... kind of stinky  Katie is developing a bit of sass... we're working on it.

So, all's fairly well.  Yet, we're finishing school in three hours flat, AFTER sleeping in!  Is this the new normal?  I certainly hope so!

Next week, we're hosting a Valentine's Day party with our new homeschool group.  We're going to make Valentines for it on Monday.  I really like these two ideas that I found on pinterest:

 And, this is the craft we're going to do at the party:

This weekend, in addition to the Pinewood Derby and Valentine's preparations, I'm also planning on working on some items for a benefit auction I'm participating in.  A friend of mine recently lost her infant son to undetermined causes, not quite a year after she lost another infant to a congenital heart condition.  A great group of gals is organizing an auction for their benefit, to raise awareness for infant loss and to help with some of the funeral costs.  So, I'm planning on making some nifty bags and things to donate.  If you want more information about the auction, you can find it here.  It will start on Monday morning and there are LOTS of great items that have already been donated for the cause. 

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  1. I like the just journaling our week without needing to be spectacular, too.


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