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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tha'r she blows

About six weeks ago, I sat in my home marveling that my kids had not yet gotten sick this winter.  Sure, I'd had a little something right before Christmas, but it passed quickly enough.  I thought we'd dodged the bullet.  I was smart, you see.  As a direct result of homeschooling, we were going to be well this year.  We were going to save money because we wouldn't have to go to the doctor.  We were doing a-okay.

Think again.  Not long after that, I came down with a lingering cold.  I do mean lingering.  I'm still sick, five weeks later.  Sure, I'll start feeling a little better, but I'm back down within a day or two.  I've been to the doctor.  I got an antibiotic, which I didn't take near long enough because of some itchy side effects.  I need to go back, or at least call in for another prescription, but I keep thinking I'll beat it.

During this time, the kids have both been sick, as well.  Katie's first illness passed within a few hours one night, starting with a fever and ending up fine and well the next morning.  Now, they are also battling their second colds.  I can't help but wonder if we've been passing around the same germies.

But, on top of it all, being sick since New Year's has caused us to slow down.  You might say that we are almost becoming hermits, in an illness-induced way.  We leave our home for music lessons, Bible study, and maybe a weekend adventure, but otherwise we're pretty much locked up tight.  We've had time to focus on lessons and playing and free-time.  In a way, it has almost been nice to not be so busy, busy, busy, all week long.  I suppose the germs are actually blessings in disguise.  Yet, I still wish they'd go on now.  I've had enough.

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