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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Where has the time gone?  This school year has been quite the ride, I tell ya.  I didn't really believe it when I read that deschooling would take one month for every grade level that a previously public schooled child attended, double if he attended pre-K, but it was so true.  So very true.  Here I am, nearly a year after pulling Alex out of 4th grade to homeschool, and things have just recently settled into a good routine. 

Part of it, I think, was that I was so very busy.  Just like when Katie was born, I thought that I could bring a child home [from school] and not have much change.  I thought we could keep the same schedule, do the same things, and just add a bunch of schoolwork in there.  Not true.  Not true at all. 

So, we've cut back.  We may only leave the house twice during the week, plus weekends.  Some people, my mother included, may think that we're becoming recluses.  But, it works for us, mostly.  We are part of a great community of homeschoolers that meets every other week or so.  It is very sporadic, but fun.  We have field trips and parties and PE days and the like.  I am very grateful for the lady who started it up last fall.

Alex is about to cross over into Boy Scouts, so I won't be nearly as busy as I have been leading his den.  Once again, I'm the director for the district day camp, but without a den that meets every other week, my time will be much more free.  He's looking forward to the Boy Scout outings, too.  He'll be selling camp cards starting in about a month to pay his way to Camp Ottari, so that will be a great lesson in finances for him.

Katie has developed such a personality.  She is just as sweet and caring as can be... sensitive, too.  What a doll.  We're doing some preschool at home, with a bit more formal instruction starting in the fall.  I will be using Before Five in a Row with her then, but for now we're having fun exploring units on snowflakes, polar bears, valentines, and the like. 

I guess I would say I'm content.  That's a good thing. 

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