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Saturday, February 27, 2010

TattieTats in Progress

So, I've been a bit busy this week trying to design and sew my Spring 2010 line of hair accessories and trying to get the ball rolling with my seasonal and party shop, Kate & Alex.  There's nothing like trying to do it all at once, huh?

I'm excited to be able to offer my crocheted bracelets again this season.  Though a lot of work goes into each one, they just turn out so pretty.
 This is a vintage tablecloth that I purchased at the Hillsville, VA flea market last fall.  It was pretty ugly as far as tablecloths go, but it has potential to become a really pretty bracelet, as you can see by this set of Tattered and Torn bracelets in Mint Julep.  To make bracelets, I have to cut my fabric into strips that are kinda equal in width.  These strips are wide, so I can use them for crochet work, as opposed to the thinner strips I use for the Tattered and Torn bracelets. 

Sewing the strips into tubes

Given that each bracelet requires two to three strips of fabric, which is crocheted around a metal bracelet form, and then finished off with intricate hand stitching, I have yet to complete a set for you to see.  However, have patience. They will be ready in due time.

Meanwhile, I've also been busy packaging orders and playing with shamrocks.  I'll tell you about the shamrocks next week, but here's a pic of my pretty packaging:

These packages were being mailed to a repeat customer's two sweet nieces. She ordered two sets of bracelets as presents.  I sure hope they like them!

As for next week, I'll be building leprechaun houses, putting together a diy shamrock banner kit,  starting on my Easter collection for Kate & Alex, and listing more new Spring goodies at TattieTats.  Whew!  It makes me tired just to think of it!


  1. crikey you are a busy lady! those packages look gorgeous!

  2. LOL, yeah, just a little. But, it stems from taking the entire month of January off.


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