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Monday, March 1, 2010

Click & Pick-- Maimies Merchantile

Maimies Merchantile is a relatively new etsy shop featuring vintage and antique paper goods.  I found so much delight in adoring all the little postcards, trading cards, and so forth that I decided to share my favorites with you.  I came across Maimies while perusing the Time Machine search feature on etsy, which showcases newly listed items.  The beautiful colors in this 1910 postcard (left) caught my eye right away.  Upon clicking, I found that the shop is named after the seller's pug, Maimie.  However, it won my heart because my grandmother was named Mamie.  The pretties I found in the Merchantile (the seller had to be creative in the spelling) reminded me of the stacks of cards, magazines, and peripheral that my granny used to keep stacked in the closet under the stairs.   She loved flowers and little animals, and Maimie's abounds in both.

Maimie's Merchantile opened a mere six weeks ago, on January 9, 2010.  However, the seller, Suzanne, has already had over 750 sales in that short time.  I can see why.  Her product is appealing, her prices are reasonable, and her photographs are lovely.  Here are a few more of my favorites:

Isn't this little Easter postcard just darling?  It reminds me of the stories that my mother would tell about how she and her friends would receive baby chicks at Easter. These intricately-drawn chicks look fluffy enough to squeeze.
I adore the icy coolness of this winter scene, though I am personally tired of the snow.  The little bluebirds and the flowers promise that spring is on the way, though the pond remains frozen and the trees are bare.

And, how about this playful Christmas scene?  Can't you just imagine the trouble that this young man is going to find himself in?  As he sleds down the hill, he spills the fruit and frightens the peasant, looking forward to "A Joyfull Christmas."  So enchanting.
Maimie's collectible cards would be great for many craft outlets.  I can see myself sitting down to make a collage, partake in some decoupage, or embellish scrapbook pages with these quaint reminders of the past.  That is, if I did any of those things.  More than likely, though, I'd just order it to look at.  Maybe I'd fill up the coat closet under the stairs, just for old times' sake.  You never know.

What would you do with these quaint little paper cards?  What would be your craft of choice?  I'd love to hear how these items might inspire you.


  1. I love the vintage feel of these cards! I think they'd make for a great collage on canvas!


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