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Saturday, July 24, 2010

ten things I hate about sewing

  1. My seams never match up when I'm done.
  2. My children won't let me think straight.
  3. Pinning, an unfortunate necessity.
  4. Having to line sheer fabrics (okay, I don't have to, but you don't want to see this girl's granny panties)
  5. My needle always comes unthreaded.
  6. My needle often breaks.
  7. My thread often breaks.
  8. My waist bands are either too wide or too narrow for my elastic,
  9. My waist expands as soon as I finish something I love.
  10. Finding extra bits of thread all over my house all the time.
  11. Finding stick pins in my foot.
Okay, it was supposed to only be ten things, but those pins will get you every time.

1 comment:

  1. I just started sewing so me and the machine are still honeymooning. But I will agree that I hate hate hate hate having the discarded pieces of threads all over the floor. Drives me bananas


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