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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Bee's Knees

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Katie is a huge fan of bees.  I'm not really sure how this happened.  One day, she came home from my mother's house and could say, "Bee" and "Big Bee" (pronounced "beeeeeg beeeeee").  Alex says that Katie was stung by a sweat bee that day, but I have my doubts as to the origin of her vocabulary.  Unless, of course, Grandma panicked about the bees.

Baby Kate could also have a fascination with bees due to the appearance of a hungry bee in her Peekaboo Baby book.  The famished little bee sticks out his tongue for food while the baby in the book eats with a spoon and says, "Yummy."  Did you know that Katie also likes yummies?

Regardless, during a recent trip to the NC Zoo, we toured their Honeybee Garden.  Both of the children were enthralled by the giant bee and hive, live bee exhibit, and honey-tasting table.  Katie, in particular, ran in circles shouting, "Big Bee, big bee."

At one point, we were playing peed-a-boo around this giant bee hive.  Katie would run in, squeal as I hollered, "Where's Katie?," and peek through a tiny window in the side.  She then popped back around the corner as I feigned surprise.  In the midst of our fun, as I was singing, 
"Where is Katie?
Where could she be?
She was here a moment ago...

Where is Katie?
Where could she be?
We've been looking high and low..."
a snotty-looking woman glanced at me and said, "She's right behind you, I think."  Why thank you, snotty-looking woman.  I had no idea where my not-quite-two-year-old daughter was.  I'm that irresponsible, as to let her completely disappear in a busy attraction.  Furthermore, I'm going to crouch behind a large fake beehive and sing about it.  Yep, that makes complete sense.  Any fool could see I was really in need of assistance there, lady.  You are a genius.

So anyway, up pops Katie and we go about our day, singing and playing and watching out for bees.


  1. cute! not sure how ashlyn feels about bugs yet.. everytime she sees one, she says 'a bug!', but that's about it. she did once grab a large-ish potato bug once on her own free will and let it crawl all over her, much to my silent horror, but other than that, she's just mostly into pointing them out. i HATE creepy crawlies, but am really trying to learn to keep my fear in check so as not to pass on my issues to the innocent :)

  2. I hate bugs, too, but Katie seems to be interested in them. She actually considers all bugs to be bees.


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