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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steal the Seal!

So, the FBI has gotten it's panties in a wad over something stupid.  I'm sure this isn't the first time, but don't they have anything better to do?  I don't know that this is the best use of our government's funds, considering, you know, that we are in a recession and a war (wars?), and fighting terrorism, and being all generally heroic and all.  But, anyway, in case you haven't heard, the FBI is upset that it's seal is being displayed as part of a Wikipedia entry about-- what else?-- the FBI.  oooooohhhhhh...... somebody's gonna get it now.....

Somebody from the FBI sent a letter to somebody at Wikipedia asking for it's immediate removal.  But, you know what?  Wikipedia refused.  Yep, they refused the FBI.  How big are their balls?

So, the whole thing is going to go to court, I'm sure.  More government money flying out the ying-yang over a stupid digital representation of the FBI.  You can read about the whole mess here and here, as well as in numerous blogs and things floating around the grand old duke of york internet.  So, what do you think?  Does the FBI have a case?  Should they have a case?  Or, are they going a bit too far?  Poking around where they don't belong?  Am I going to get into trouble for posting the seal here?  To be continued from a holding cell near you...


  1. If the FBI doesn't want the seal on Wikipedia, I bet they won't be too thrilled with it being posted here. :0)

    Off to check out the links...

  2. Uh oh, CNN's gonna get in trouble, too... they have a photo of the seal.

  3. Your blog looks great, girl! That is just pure silliness on the FBI's part I think.

    Elisa - not Anon. lol


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