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Thursday, September 23, 2010

gaga for gaga

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All I wanted for my birthday was Lady Gaga tickets.  You know what?  I got them!  All right, I knew I had them months in advance, but that didn't make me any less excited.  In fact, I was wiggling in my seat when I clicked "buy" on ticketmaster or whatever that website was.  Electronically waiting in line for tickets to a concert you HAVE to see?  So worth it.

I bought the tickets back in May, I think, the day they went on sale.  Not just the day, the hour, the minute, as soon as I possibly could because I was going to be at that concert.  Now, I'm not the type of Gaga fan who can sing all of her songs, including those that haven't been radio hits, like my friend Jannine, but I like her.  A lot.  The hair, the costumes, the upbeat dance music.  Lady Gaga is just a big bundle of fun. 

Over dinner and drinks one night, I revealed to Jannine that I was going to the concert with Mr. Hull.   She just about flipped out!  Oh my goodness, if that girl could have screamed any louder, she would've (and she did, but we'll get to that later).

Fast forward a few months.  It is the day before the concert and I have a dumb mommy moment (I promise I'm not really a blonde.)  John is suddenly unable to attend the concert, because he is dealing with contractors, insurance adjusters, headaches, and more.  Less than 24 hours before Lady Gaga is set to take the stage, I call up Jannine to see if she might want to accompany me.  Wouldn't you know, she doesn't answer the phone.  The girl is fortunate that I left a message. The next day, we hit the road as soon as she gets off from work, drive two hours to UVA, and wait in a line a gazillion people long to get into the venue.

going all out
Oh my gosh, I had no idea that fans dressed up to attend the Monster Ball.  The costumes ranged from fantastic to horrific.  One lady in front of us had a dried up plant pinned to her head and was wearing a nineties-era sparkly clingy blouse with roses, leaves, and sequins, that was paired with a long black skirt and matronly heels.  On the other end of the spectrum, there were many Gaga-lookalikes, decked out in her most famous costumes.  Of course, you had your gays, too.  We saw men decked out in full-body leotards, short skirts, high heels, and complete make-up.  And, you know what?  Some of their outfits were better executed than those of their female counterparts.  I felt like I was attending a way-out-there viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The concert itself was superb!  The costumes, choreography, sets, and all were fabulous.  At one point, Gaga wore a UVA t-shirt that a fan made just for her.  Even though I am neither a Wahoo or a Hokie, even I could appreciate the awesomeness of that, though she did claim that wearing cotton was "against her religion."

I don't care how many of my mommy friends think I'm a weirdo, the next time Lady Gaga performs around here, I plan to go back.  This time, though, Janine and I'll be decked out in our finest.  I'm thinking glitter, spandex, a tutu, and some sort of fun hair accessories should do the trick.  You never know, I might just find a fun gay friend to go along with us, too.
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  1. I'm gald you had a good time! My brother's (ex) fiance went when Gaga came to Phoenix, and she said it was amazing!

  2. I have a FB friend who also went and wore a LG wig. lol

    Sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad b/c you definitely deserve it w/ all you do, girl! :)


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