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Saturday, October 23, 2010

grace potter and the nocturnals

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

On Thursday, I opened up my email account to find an intriguing message.  I was being offered the opportunity to go to a local concert for free, as long as I wrote a blog post about it.  And, I got to take a friend.  Heck yeah, I thought.   I'll go to just about anything for free, and I like to talk anyway so the blogging thing is no big deal.

Now, to be honest, prior to this week, I had never heard of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, or even the Avett Brothers, for that matter.  I had to look them up to figure out just what sort of show I was in for, and even then I wasn't so sure.  I'm more of a pop girl, myself.  It's easy, fun, and has a good beat.  But, let me tell you, when Grace Potter opened up the show, it was like a musical extravaganza in and of itself.  

My friend and I were blown away by the range of music that we were privy to.  There were songs with pop-py, upbeat tunes, and there were slower, more blue-sy arrangements.  There was a hint of country thrown in with a lot of rock.  Grace and the gang are versatile enough to appeal to a variety of audiences, yet retain a little niche of their own.  

Of course, it helps that Grace brings back memories of Barbie and the Rockers.  With those long blond locks and those rock-solid legs, Grace could just as easily be walking the runway, rather than starring in a show of her own.  But, then she wouldn't get to showcase her amazing musical talent, so what fun would that be?

When this lead singer wasn't rocking the guitar or ramping up the vocals, she was nursing the piano and banging the drums.  This girl is talented, I tell ya!  The one thing she can't do, so she claims, is dance, which is why she just kinda sways back and forth during slower numbers and jumps around like a jacked-up kangaroo during the harder sets.

I will say this, Grace Potter has an awesome sense of fashion.  Just look at that dress!  Between her long blonde hair and her layers of ruffles, it was hard not to watch her move.  Lindy, my date for the night, claimed that she wanted to grow out her locks after seeing the fun that Ms. Potter had tossing her hair around on stage.  However, during a fan meet and greet after the show, Grace acknowledged that, like all of us, she has to spend a lot of time on upkeep in order to keep her waist-length locks looking good.  
 Flat-iron, anyone?

 There was such a long line to meet Grace after the show, but everyone stayed in good spirits.  The bubbly 27 year old singer signed autographs, met her fans, and made small talk with anyone who came by.  She seems to have a genuinely humble personality, musing aloud about "ruining" people's shirts with her signature and even balking at the one fan who asked for the star's signature on her wallet.  She acted just like one of the gals!

Upon meeting me, Grace was kind enough to pose for a picture, using her Ellen mug as a prop.

*I did receive two free tickets to the Avett Brothers concert, with whom Grace Potter and the Nocturnals appeared.  I have given my fair and honest opinion of the event, for which I have received no compensation.

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  1. That was such an awesome time! And i must confess that i was thinking of her awesome hair as i got mine chopped off yet again today :)


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