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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mortified mama week six

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

If you've stopped by hoping to find out how much I lost this week, you're out of luck. I've decided to change my weigh in day to Friday. Why? Because I can.

I did buy a new scale last week, after the whole flour fiasco.  It is much better than the last one.  It actually repeats the same number if I weigh myself more than once.  That's such an improvement from the old one! Of course, it shows a slightly higher number than the other one did, so I'm a little disappointed in that regard.  Silly me, I thought that buying a new scale would magically make me "lose" twenty or thirty pounds.  Nope.  So wrong.

Get this:  When I told my husband that the other scale wasn't very accurate, he replied that he knew!  Not only did he know this, he had known for years! Funny enough, when I mentioned getting a new scale about three years ago, he insisted that the one we had was fine.  He had purchased it in high school and it had a lifetime battery, so it should work forever.  Um, yeah.  The battery never did die.

On another note, I'm sore as all get out.  I go to bed sore, I wake up sorer.  I sit on the couch to relax, but when I get up, I'm so stiff I can't walk.  What's going on here?  I've turned into an old lady in a matter of weeks.  I've even discovered a few new gray hairs!  I think I need to do some more stretching.  Or take more Tylenol.  Or do less exercise (yeah, right... I have a hard time getting to the gym right now as it is).

Since I'm weighing in on Friday, my goal for the next two days is to work out three times before my weigh in.  Today, tomorrow, and Friday morning.  Maybe I can make my waist forget about the Mexican dinner I inhaled last night.


  1. Drinking boat loads of water will help with that soreness- don't forget about the power of the chug!

  2. I second Nancy's advice: water, water, water! Also, I can promise you that the soreness goes away after a while. Sometimes I miss that "I just did a lot of hard work" feeling after my workouts. I also found warming up to be essential. I used to walk more than a mile to the gym (and back) and was less sore post-run. But seriously, unless you are an unemployed grad student, who has time for that? I feel lucky to walk my dog at this point. But it was a good lesson.


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