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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

like a giant head snuggle

This past Christmas, my mother in law gave John and me matching.... pillows!  Yes!  It is what every girl dreams of receiving as a gift.  A new pillow!  John's brother received one as well.

This is where I should include a family picture in which we are all wearing
matching Christmas sweaters, but I don't have one.  We're not
THAT geeky, folks!

The pillows were packed away in our trunk for the return trip home, unpacked, placed in the bedroom, and promptly forgotten about.  Well, for a few days at least.  John wanted to try his out, so he unboxed it and stuffed it under his head.  That first night, he didn't like it so much.  The second night, I "stole" his to use to prop myself up while watching television.  What a perfect head-propper!  It cradled my neck and supported me in all the right places.  Rather than unboxing my own pillow, I just kept his around for that purpose alone.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I really was grateful for a new pillow.  However, no matter how many new pillows I have purchased over the past 8 years, I always wind up going back to my faithful feather pillow that John and I bought when we were first setting up a home.  I like the way it keeps its fluff.  I like the fullness of it, and the fact that I can sleep on my tummy, side, or back comfortably.  It has been my favorite for a long time and, though I think it gives me allergy issues, I was reluctant to try out anything new.

Then, one day, something happened to my good old feather pillow.  I think the dog peed on it.  No, really, I don't remember.  I have cleaned up quite a bit of dog piss recently, so that could be a logical reason.  I just don't know.

Penny and Fritz the dog used to fight like, well... cats and dogs.

At any rate.  I was forced to use one of these new-fangled cushy pillows for an.entire.night.  The result?

totally honest with the wrinkled bedspread and
lack of wall decor
 Oh.my.WOW!  This thing was the best pillow ever!  It was so soft and cushy!  The stretchy pillowcase felt divine against my skin.  Sometimes non-natural fabrics ARE more comfortable!  The little pellets inside contoured to my head just as well as my feather pillow, yet I didn't get poked in the cheek or have the sneezies!  Success!

I don't know why I was so reluctant to try it out.  I had one of those neon pillows that are filled with the cushy pellets and are sold at the beach.  You know, the floppy things the cheap junkshops sell?  I bought it when I was about 7 months pregnant and kept it with me for the entire remainder of my baby-carrying days.  It even went to the hospital with me, though I never pulled it out for comfort.  The Sobakawa Cloud Pillows are almost exactly the same, but they have this little sewn-down contoured section that cradles your head PERFECTLY!  Seriously, this is the best pillow in the world, people.

I don't normally jump on the As Seen On TV bandwagon, but you really do HAVE to have this pillow.  It's phenomenal.  I still wake occasionally throughout the night (mainly to tinkle), but then I can just snuggle down and snooze away.  I love it.  Yes, even more than my old feather companion (which I still can't quite part with, but maybe one day...).  I can only hope that this pillow lasts just as long, or they continue to make it FOREVER!

So, thank you dear Mother-in-law.  You did know best, and I love it!

*This is not a sponsored post.  I was not paid for my opinion.

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