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Friday, April 1, 2011

ultimate blog party

So, yeah... two posts in an hour.  I'm on a roll, people! 

But, really, I just remembered that the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 over at 5 Minutes for Mom starts today.  So, I needed to get this here post up, STAT!

So, I need to tell you more about who I am.  I went back through my handy-dandy memory card, looking for a nice, current snapshot, but I couldn't find any of myself that were worth a damn.  Part of that might be due to my funky, country hair cut that I got a couple of months ago.  I'm still trying to grow that thing out. 

Not so great picture of me, but a super sweet photo of my little girl.  Couldn't you just eat her up?  This was taken at a St. Patty's Day breakfast with friends.

I am a mom of two... Katie is 2 and Alex is 10.  Yes, it is a spread.  No, there aren't any other little ones hiding between the bookends.  I always get strange looks when I mention my kids' ages, but not everyone pops 'em out a steady 18 months or even 3 years apart, you know? 

Katie is the little princess of the family.  She seems to run things around here most days.

Alex is my ten year old superhero.  He is interested in figuring out how things work, building with legos, and using his creative energy to save the world (namely, his sister).  She looks up to him and, most days, he takes full advantage of it. 

I also have a super-de-duper husband who somehow tolerates my quirkiness.  He puts up with eating dinner on the couch because the sewing machine has been left out on the kitchen table again, rushing around in the morning because I have forgotten something again, running behind again because I have no sense of time, and otherwise dealing with my foolish, crazy personality.  But, he loves me and I love him, and we get along pretty well.

I am a forgetful, zany, mess of a mom who loves to cook, sew, read, and craft.  I am a brand new homeschooler and am learning the ropes of home education through much trial and error.  Here, at One Creative Housewife, I blog about my mishaps, cooking adventures, crafty fortune, and daily life.  My hope is that you would learn a little bit and laugh a lot.

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  1. Awesome! I like your post and thanks for sharing. Kudos to you for home schooling. My son knows all the tactics to get me off track during his home work time, I can only imagine what he would do during home schooling...

    Visiting UBP.

  2. Hello, I'm here via UBP2011! Nice to meet you and your lovely family! And don't forget.. we all have some (or we are full of) quirkiness! That's why we are adorable! hehe!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Dimitra from greenceramictablelamp.blogspot.com

  3. What a cute picture of your daughter running. Great honest intro! Now following you from the UBP. http://tvstake.blogspot.com

  4. I feel you on the hair thing - I got a foot cut off my hair last week and can't get it to look anything like it did at the shop - barely any left to do anything with! Have yourself a great party!


  5. ...and the forgetfulness, no sense of time...I will be back to see what else we chare in common!

  6. I am now following your from the UBP 2011. I hope you will take the time to like me back. If you could also head to my site and enter to win my contest I would appreciate it ! http://madamedeals.com/blog/2011/04/01/contest-quick-link/

  7. The blog is very good!


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