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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Automation Saved the Day

Picture it: Hammock Beach, Florida, late July 2010.  A woman lays on a strange bed, inattentively watching television while on the phone with her beloved husband, who has been left to fend for himself for the week.  A commercial comes across the screen.  She excitedly learns that one of her favorite programs, Project Runway, is set to return for another season.  The problem is, it will debut on a night when she will be unable to watch.  "Honey," she says sweetly, "will you please set the DVR to record Project Runway for me?"  "Of course," her sweetheart replies.  She continues on, giving him the details of the network and time for which he should program the device.

A week passes.  The young woman has returned home.  Out of the blue, she remembers the missed episode of her show.

Did you remember to record Project Runway for me? 
You said you would, remember?
I don't think I did.  I forgot.
You forgot?  How could you forget?  You said you'd do it right then, when we were on the phone.  Remember?
You talked too much after that.  I forgot.  I'm sorry.

Man picks up remote, flips through the list of recorded programs, and finds the latest episode of the show in question.

Oh, look, I did record it.

Both breathe a sigh of relief.  The woman, it turns out, had the device set to record all along, left over from the prior season.  Technology, my dear, is wonderful.

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  1. You crack me up! And I'm jealous. :)

    Elisa again.


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