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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Journal of One Traveling Housewife

on the road again
So, I just returned from a beach trip to Florida, next week I set off for a half-week of Scout Camp with my son, and in a few weeks I might be traveling to Erie, PA for a meet-up of some dear, dear friends (sorry girls, I still don't know if I'll make it...)  As a result, this blog is going to turn into a travel journal of sorts.  Given that it is my all-inclusive blog of sewing, crafts, homemaking, parenting, and so forth, I figure this is okay.  Eventually, I'll have little tabby-thingies up top so that you can jump to just what you're interested in.  For now, bear with me as I reveal all the fun and crazy times I had on my latest trip.

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  1. i guess i will just say welcome home! and safe travels! and i reeeeeally hope you can make it to the gtg :)))


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