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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fool-proof Chocolate Zucchini Bread

On a recent afternoon, I was feeling like having a bit of cake for dessert, but also interested in providing healthy options for my children.  Upon perusing this blog, I found this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread.  It is really more like a cake than a bread, but just as easy to make.  So delicious!  I think, next time, I would add the nuts throughout the mix and put less chopped chocolate bits on top, though.  Also, I baked it in one large meatloaf pan instead of two smaller cake pans, and my husband accidentally turned off the oven halfway through, so it took a very long time to cook.  It tasted great, though!


  1. That looks really yummy! Was it moist on the inside?

  2. Oh, wow. It was so moist. This deliciousness shouldn't even be called bread because it is more like the tastiest cake your tongue will ever meet.


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