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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Can't Hear You

Do you know what irks me the most about trying to read other people's blogs?  Yeah, I'm really going to go there because you need to know this... yes, you do.  It's when I really like what someone writes, when I get hung up reading multiple posts, and I really really want to keep up with what they have to say, but I can't because they don't utilize the Google Followers widget.  And, no, I wasn't paid to write this post.  At least, not in cash.  Maybe in aggravation.

Seriously, though, I know it is kind of weird to think of yourself as someone with followers.  I know that some people think that the subscribe by email or feed buttons are equal.  They aren't.  I don't necessarily want my inbox full of people's blog posts.  Nor do I want to have to go to Google Reader whenever I feel like reading a blog.  I use blogger, which is another of Google's world-dominating gadgets.  All my blogs that I like to read are in one place, organized in many different ways. I'm on blogger every day anyway.  It just makes sense.

But, if you don't use the Google Follower widget on your blog, I won't keep up with you.  I won't read your blog.  I won't bookmark your site because I'll likely forget about you anyway.  I won't google you to try to find you again.  Many others won't, either.  So, please, please make it easier on everybody by installing the widget.  Wordpress has one, too,  I think.  Then, put your followers in an easy-to-find place.  Take care of them.  They'll thank you.  After all, you do want someone to read your work, don't you?

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