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Thursday, September 30, 2010

boop boop

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

I'm beginning to think that Katie might be ready for potty training.  She asks for diaper changes almost as soon as she pees and immediately after she "boop boops"  her word for poo poo.  I'm just struggling with two things.  The first is how I'm going to go about training her.  The second is how I'm going to go about training her without revealing her lady parts to her older brother.

I'm somewhat leaning towards the three day method in which we spend three entire days hence the name in the bathroom doing nothing but playing and going potty.  However, after the three days are up, the child is supposed to go bare bottomed around the house for six several more weeks.  So, if Katie is going around pants-less, how is it that Alex won't see her girly bits?

We've been very modest with relations between Alex and Katie due to the difference in their ages.  Alex is seven and a half years older than Katie.  He's getting curious about things and we thought it would be improper for him to learn about lady parts from his baby sister.  His schoolyard friends would be a much better source, in my opinion.  Likewise, we've allowed Alex to retain his privacy, changing behind closed doors, showering on his own, and so forth.

Now, I can't say that things haven't been seen, but it has been rare.  Like the time when Nana didn't realize our feelings on the matter and took Alex along to change a diaper.  Or, when Katie decided to run bare through the living room after a bath.  But, it hasn't been all in-your-face oooh-I'm-nakey for days on end in my house.  At least, not around the kids.

I have purchased many long tunics and flowy, cotton dresses that I'm hoping will help protect Kate's modesty.  And, really, Alex is only home and awake for six hours a day anyway.  Except weekends.  Maybe we'll get to the underwear part really really soon.  Or, maybe Alex will get an education in Family Life.  Either way, it will be a learning experience.  times two.

Potty training Alex was not a walk in the park.  We started earlier with him, right around eighteen months.  He didn't get it until the summer after he turned three.  Yet, we persevered.   I can't tell you how many pairs of poopy underwear I threw away.  It just wasn't worth washing, sometimes.  Oh my.  It was bad.  Really bad.  The one good thing is that he loved to watch Bear in the Big Blue House.  We watched the Bear potty video a lot.  A whole lot.  At least it was somewhat tolerable.  I guess I'll have to go buy some sort of dvd for Kate because we no longer have a VCR.  Remember those old things?  I do.

So, my thought process is that if we start Katie now that she is exhibiting signs that she is ready, but before she hits the rebellious stages of the late twos, then she'll get it.  Besides, she's a cloth-diapered girl.  They aren't supposed to take as long, right?


  1. O my gosh! Bear and the big blue house is wonderful! Potty training...not so much!!

    Thanks for guest posting. You did a great job and we got lots of great feedback!

    Good Luck on your health and fitness goals! I hope it totally goes your way.

  2. OK, I might be odd, but I kind of miss Bear in the Big Blue house and those shows like it. Now I am going to sing "Get yourself on the potty train" all day : ) Cause I am cool like that.

    I am not a professional or anything, but I don't think that your son will care one bit about her lady bits.

    Good luck!

  3. Bear is wonderful! I miss him so much. And, remember Roly Poly Olie? And, JoJo's circus? They had the best shows on when my son was a little one. Yo Gabba Gabba and the gang just scare me.


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