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Monday, December 13, 2010

attack of the killer chicken mcnugget

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My two year old daughter, Katie, has a unique skill. At least, I think it's unique. She can separate food in her mouth. Typically, she does this for pieces she doesn't like. For instance, she might spit out apple peel if eating an apple or coconut if eating a slice of Italian Creme Cake.  If there's a bit of something she doesn't like, she'll just spit it out.  That includes bits of Chicken McNuggets.  Thank goodness.

Last night, we returned home from visiting John's parents for the weekend.  We arrived around dinner time and so, after unloading everyone, my husband ran over to McDonald's for a quick bite to eat.  He brought home Chicken McNugget Happy Meals for the children and some burgers and fries for the two of us.

Now, before the comments start, yes I know that McDonald's isn't the healthiest dinner choice for my children.  Yes, I know that it is full of all types of bad stuff that I don't really want them eating.  Yes, I know I have railed against mothers who don't cook and mothers who hit the drive through every chance they get.  I've also admitted, many times, that I'm not the perfect mother.  So, sue me.

Anyway, after a two hour drive in semi-wintery weather with a fussy toddler, a cranky nine year old, and two dogs, I wasn't prepared to come home and cook.  The decision was made to eat the crazily-addictive food from McDonald's.

While we were eating, Katie ran over with a Chicken McNugget in one hand and something else in the other.  yes, yes, we were eating in the living room.  mother of the year, everyone.  Taking the small morsel from her, John quickly realized it was a bone, and that it had come out of her McDonald's Chicken McNugget Happy Meal.  Our two year old had found the bone by biting into her McDonald's Chicken McNugget.  Luckily for us, she had the ability and the desire to get the inch-long bone out of her mouth without swallowing it. 

A quick google search revealed that this is not a rare occurrence.   Bones are apparently found in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets fairly regularly.  Mistakes happen, but this is quite disturbing.  A bone of this size and shape could easily become lodged in a child's throat.  This is absolutely a choking hazard.  One does not bite into chicken nuggets expecting to find a bone.  

Until yesterday, I had considered nuggets to be a pretty decent go-to food when we were forced to eat on the go.  They are small, easy for kids to handle, and mostly mess-free.  However, I will think twice about letting my children eat McDonald's Chicken McNuggets on even the most rare occasion from here out. I only post this story as a plea to other parents to be on the lookout for this sort of thing.  I'm not calling for a boycott, or planning a lawsuit.  I only wish to bring attention to this hidden hazard lurking in chicken nuggets.  Most U.S. parents give their children fast food from time to time.  I would hate for a child to die due to an overlooked bone.


  1. Yikes! I never thought about there being bones in there!

  2. Um...that's absolutely horrible. And thank God Katie is accustomed to spitting out weird things in her food. But, hey, to make light, at least it was an animal product- go McDonald's for that. One time my dad bit into a Wendy's burger and found a nut. You know, the metal kind. Yikes!

  3. Nancy, a metal nut is much worse than a chicken bone. If it was something that *really* shouldn't be there, I'd make more of a ruckus. Or, at least, call the company. Of course, I'm assuming this is a bone from a chicken and that they haven't ground up something more disturbing in there ;)

  4. That's disturbing!!!
    I'm your newest follower, number 101! Hope you'll visit my blog!

  5. UGH......that's SCARY! Thank you so much for posting this and sharing the info you found.
    I will say that we will be Boycotting McDonalds chicken nuggets.
    I'm a new follower, love your blog! I will return soon.

    Amy's Life @


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